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Advanced Hardware Replacement

Advanced Hardware Replacement

SKU: 102684-5

Defective or none funtional equitment that does not have physical damage will be replaced at no additonal cost. This Advanced warranty will last 3 years after original equitment purchase.The optional advance warranty will need to be added to each individual device.

  • 24hr Support & Configuration Included


  • Privacy & Compliance

    This system is designed to function on a "Local Area Network (LAN)" when used with our onsite control server; it does not require a connection to the internet to be fully functional. Think of it as your typical surveillance system and DVR, but with "Enhanced Features". Corporate AV Systems or its affiliates, can not access your data at any time or under any circumstances.
    All data is:

    • Solely the property of the end-user.
    • Housed locally by the end-user.
    • The responsibility of the end-user.
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